Merak and Sakteng

Merak and Sakteng

Location: Eastern Bhutan



About Merak and Sakteng

Merak-Sakteng stands out as a distinct attraction in Bhutan. Unlike anywhere else in the country, it offers a visitor to experience a unique semi-nomadic lifestyle, culture and vernacular in one of the most scenic pastoral valleys in the protected area of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary (SWS) in Trashigang Dzongkhag (District), in Eastern Bhutan

The community is predominated by unique race well known as Brokpas “Highlanders”. The place is two days walk from the road point till 2012; however, with the support of the government the place is linked with farm road till Phungshingmang. It is very difficult to believe, but the historically, the area is well known for myestic animal Yeti “Big foot” and popularly known as YETI valley.


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